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About Our Nursery

We are a happy, friendly and stimulating nursery, which takes full advantage of being a part of Liden Academy. We welcome children from two years old up to four years. At Liden Academy Nursery we nurture and care for your child to ensure that their transition from the familiarity of home into our environment allows both you and your child to feel confident in our care. We recognise and celebrate that all children are individuals and we encourage them to become confident, independent and to develop their sense of self.

We would be delighted to show you around our fantastic nursery – call the school office on 01793 531025 or email [email protected] to arrange your visit.

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Key Workers and Learning Journeys

At Liden Academy Nursery, we operate a key person system where children are assigned to the member of staff who will see them the most. During their settling in time, should they develop a stronger bond with a different member of staff, then we would look to change their key person as we would rather the bond is one of natural choosing. The key person is primarily responsible for building a relationship with you as a parent, gathering information about your child and their home life through the course of the settling sessions, and from then on they will support your child’s growth and development through close observation, careful planning and the regular completion of your child’s online learning journal. Your login details will be provided by the nursery team in your first term with us.

Resources and activities

Throughout the nursery, children are offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of learning experiences. These experiences are devised following careful observations of your children whilst taking into consideration individual likes and particular interests of the moment. All experiences follow our philosophy of a ‘hands on’ approach, which ensures children learn through play and exploration, as children learn at their highest level in their play. A variety of activities are provided throughout the day with children choosing which ones they wish to access. The nursery operates a free flow, indoor-outdoor approach to children’s learning. Children have the opportunity to access a range of activities, either indoors or out, on a daily basis, regardless of the weather. The focus of all experiences is on the importance of the process involved for the children rather than the end product.

Our Team

At Liden Academy Nursery, we have taken great care in choosing a committed, enthusiastic and professional team of staff, ensuring that experience, professionalism and qualifications are matched to each area of the nursery. With a good understanding of children’s individual needs, the staff can plan the next steps for your child’s play, learning and development. We have a qualified teacher who oversees provision in Foxes and Squirrels as well as teaching daily in Squirrel class. This means that we can plan and deliver a wide range of activities to develop confidence in skills required within their first year of school.

Suzanne Taylor – Leader of Early Years Learning

Mrs Taylor is Deputy Principal of Liden Academy and designated safeguarding lead.

Jessica Bishop – Nursery Room Leader

Mrs Bishop is the Nursery Room Leader for Foxes class, supporting our 2-3 year olds.

Nuruma Dewan – Nursery Room Leader

Miss Dewan is the Nursery Room Leader in Bumblebees, for our 3-4 year old children.

Debbie James -Nursery Assistant

Mrs James works in the Bumblebees pre-school room.

Lisa Hearn – Nursery Assistant

Mrs Hearn works in the Bumblebees pre-school room.

Danielle Deaton – Nursery Assistant

Mrs Deaton works in the Bumblebees pre-school room.

Jade Schofield – Nursery Assistant

Miss Schofield works in the Bumblebees pre-school room.

Joanne Dix – Nursery Assistant

Mrs Dix works in the Bumblebees pre-school room.

Rebekah Reid – Nursery Assistant

Mrs Reid works with the 2-3 year old children in Squirrels class.

Lucianne Kidds – Nursery Assistant

Mrs Kidds works with the 2-3 year old children in Foxes and Squirrels classes.

Tracey Booth – Admin Officer

Mrs Booth takes care of administration for the Nursery.